The utilities sector is characterized by myriad unconnected, legacy-based heterogeneous systems offered by several vendors that operate according to different standards (e.g. Ethernet, SCADA, OPC, ONVIF, MODBUS). Each system typically covers a particular area of activity (e.g. temperature, pressure, noise, alarm, access control). Due to this complexity, utilities management teams typically find it difficult to create a coherent, cross-organization situation picture, and to make operational decisions.

mPrest’s monitoring and control solutions for utilities “connect the dots,” delivering a uniform picture on a single information grid. The solutions include a rules engine for incorporating changes and updates easily and rapidly in order to leverage the individual systems and optimize overall operations.


Electricity companies typically operate a control room with separate terminals for each system. In addition, they often deploy many non-synchronized and unconnected command-and-control systems that cannot be expanded. To make things even more challenging, many of their systemic processes require a combination of several distinct system operational outputs including CCTC, access control, power transformers, and parameter sensors (e.g. heat) to carry out production, transmission and distribution.

mPrest’s electricity solution integrates all of these systems, outputs, functions and hierarchies to create a single system on one information grid that can easily expand operational coverage.

  • Information Grid
  • Security Integrated Command & Control System for Hydroelectricity Utility
  • Information Grid

    Integrated command-and-control system for national power utility
    • Integrates multiple command-and-control systems involving a combination of several operational outputs
    • Expands areas of operational coverage from security (e.g. CCTV, access control, LPR, alarm, electronic fence, intercom & PA) to safety, operations, M2M, distribution and production
    • Flexibly integrates various sensory systems and controllers
    • Uses generic command-and-control infrastructure
    • Uses interfaces including SDK, API and ActiveX open
    • Seamlessly adds new rules and procedures
    • Manages all systems from, and displays output on, a single system
    • Delivers full operator transparency including:
    • simultaneous display of cameras at various sites
    • unified view combining GIS site with cameras, fences, alarms, patrol vehicles
    • Determines rules applying to all system alerts and operations
    • Records all events carried out by system operator and event portfolio
    • Generates, reports and debriefs
    • Connects over 300 sites, 5 levels of hierarchy, and tens of thousands of sensors with one integrated system on one information grid
  • Security Integrated Command & Control System for Hydroelectricity Utility

    Integrated command-and-control center for large hydroelectric power-generation company
    • Integrates various complex systems into a command-and-control center for the company, which has over 70 renewable energy source (RES) facilities
    • Deploys a security command-and-control system based on same infrastructure as Information Twig project
    • Proof of concept was completed within weeks

Water utilities maintain a complex infrastructure that includes many varied units, large quantities of disparate, continuously-changing data, and complicated hydrodynamic processes, making it difficult to obtain a unified situation picture.

mPrest’s water solution maps out each water network system, and develops detailed work plans to optimize system operations and lower costs.


Energy Consumption Optimization System for National Water Utility

Integration of complex infrastructure

Our solution optimizes energy consumption for a national water utility by integrating complex infrastructure. The infrastructure includes 3,000 enumerator facilities, nine main command-and-control centers, over 1 million defined/liked data, a central filtration facility, dozens of servers and operational databases, 16 local/remote DRP sites, desalination plants, 3,500 HMI screens, and thousands of daily indications.

  • Creates national unified picture and unified policy management
  • Maps out water network system
  • Creates generic forecast
  • Develops and executes daily work plan (e.g. valve opening, pump closing)
  • Connects water supply data for all relevant enterprise data
  • Updates continuous changes in energy consumption
  • Incorporates diverse electricity rates from multiple vendors at different times
  • Integrates operational data from various pumps working at different efficiencies
  • Delivers double-digit electricity savings

Oil & gas operations are affected by rapidly changing climatic and environmental conditions that can endanger lives and destroy natural resources in no time at all. In order to effectively monitor and control these conditions, it is necessary to remotely deploy myriad cameras, sensors, and measuring units spread across large geographical areas, and transmit alerts and warnings in real time to ensure on-site safety.


mPrest offers an oil & gas solution that provides an integrated situation picture of all climatic and environmental conditions that can impact operations. Leveraging existing systems and infrastructure, the real-time solution is based on our monitoring, predicting, preventing and controlling (mPPC) system methodology.

The solution monitors global conditions and drill pressure, predicts incidents by fusing information and intelligence, receives, processes and sends alerts, and controls oil & gas activity, including shutting down equipment when required. Empowering users to incorporate changes as soon as they occur, the easily integrated and deployed solution saves lives and resources.