• You will be part of the development team that designs and builds our core fuzzing technology.

• You will write reliable and maintainable code for the ecosystem at handYou will extend the core capabilities of fuzzers, extend existing and add additional bug detectors (sanitizers).

• You will become an expert using our own tools and help creating the features that will make you and our customers successful.

• You take an active part in continuously improving our development culture and agile processes.



• A proven track record of finding security vulnerabilities in shipping products

• Programming background in C, C++, and/or Objective-C

• Proficiency in higher level programming languages such as Java and Python

• Experience writing, deploying and optimizing fuzzers

• Experience building security tools and automation that scale

• Familiarity with modern processor architecture

• Background in secure coding best practices and code auditing

• Have an understanding of past, current, and emerging security exploit types

• Proficiency in either macOS or other flavors of UNIX

• Have the ability to track and manage numerous parallel activities

• Ability to explain complex security problems

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