Maintain essential IT operations, including operating systems, security tools, applications and servers

Handle business-critical IT tasks and system improvements

Execute system and network administration, design, documentation, implementation, and testing., ensuring components meet needs and work together seamlessly

Implement applications and software upgrades, as well as performance troubleshooting

Implement and monitor daily backup and recovery procedures



5+ years of experience working in IT operations

2+ years of as an IT manager

Excellent working knowledge of computer systems, security, network and systems administration, databases and data storage systems, and phone systems

Excellent project management skills and strong ability to prioritize

Profound knowledge in security and privacy

2+ years of programming experience in AWS/Google cloud environments, writing in Python/Java/Scala/Go.

Experience working with both SQL and NoSQL databases such as Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra, or Redshift.

B.Sc in computer science or related field(advantage).

Experience with BI tools and methodology (advantage).

Devops experience: CI/CD, Monitoring, Github, Terraform (advantage).




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