System & Integration Engineer


About The Position

mPrest is hiring an Integration Engineer for a classified RF project team. The engineer will play a key role in leading the overall system. The position offers an in-depth perspective across various disciplines (hardware, software, mechanics, algorithms, communication, etc.) and involves team leadership in a dedicated lab.


The engineer will be responsible for leading the integration, version testing, system-level integration, on-site experiments, site surveys, integration in the system deployment process locally and abroad, addressing gaps through versions and ongoing updates.


  • High learning ability and technical aptitude (computers, components, assemblies, etc.).
  • Multidisciplinary work capability: system engineering, card design, firmware, software, production, etc.
  • Team collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Participation in field experiments.
  • Travel to customers both domestically and internationally.
  • High self-learning ability.
  • Knowledge and experience in transitioning a project from development to production.
  • Degree in engineering/physics/computer science or equivalent technical unit graduate of the IDF/AMAN's technological units. Engineering understanding and vision.


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