mPrest Announces Expansion of Transformer Health Management Partnership with Energisa Group

Following a successful year-long first phase, Energisa Group will continue to leverage mPrest’s mTHM platform to ensure the reliability and security of their energy supply across an expanded amount of system transformers.

Cataguases, MG, BR and Tel Aviv, IL, January 19, 2022 — mPrest, a leading developer and provider of distributed asset orchestration and optimization software for the energy market, today announced the expansion of an ongoing partnership to provide further use of mPrest’s Transformer Health Management (mTHM) system to Energisa Group, a leading energy distribution group in Brazil. mTHM is part of mPrest’s Asset Performance Management system (APM), a holistic solution that supports a rich set of energy assets.

This is the second phase of a deal between mPrest and Energisa to monitor and manage the health and reliability of Energisa’s power transformers and grid. Following the successful first phase of the partnership, which began one year ago and included 112 transformers managed by mPrest’s mTHM solution, the expanded contract will include an additional 88 Energisa transformers. A total of 200 transformers will now utilize mTHM’s real-time monitoring, powerful analytics, highly accurate predictions and condition alerts.

As one of the largest energy distribution and transmission utilities in Brazil, Energisa has nine distributed system operators (DSOs) across Brazil’s five regions. These DSOs will continue to leverage mTHM’s predictive capabilities to reduce transformer malfunctions and critical failures as they provide power to approximately 8 million customers.

“We’re proud to continue our partnership with Energisa Group as we shape the future of the power grid together,” said Andrew Bennett, CEO of mPrest Inc. “Our mTHM is a proven solution that has demonstrated an improved method of detecting transformer issues before critical failures occur. We look forward to expanding our work with Energisa and tapping into their expertise to enhance and improve the capabilities of our product. We’re focused on improving transformer health and predicting the future through mTHM for Energisa, as they deliver reliable power to their many customers.”

mTHM will allow Energisa to continue to monitor critical transmission and distribution transformers to verify transformer health, analyze the risk of failure, and identify areas of degradation or concern that can be mitigated through maintenance or repair. This provides sizable cost and time savings in the short-term, as failures have the potential to impact thousands of customers. Long-term life cycle cost savings on operations are also being realized through the mTHM platform as transformer lifetimes are extended.

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