mPrest selected as DERMS Provider for Endeavour Energy Press Release
PR Newswire | August 6, 2023
mPrest teams up with Endeavour Energy of NSW, Australia, to offer a dynamic grid topology aware DERMS, for the management of the first community microgrid of its kind in NSW.
mPrest selected as DERMS Provider for Energy Queensland Press Release
PR Newswire | February 1, 2023
mPrest teams up with Energy Queensland, one of Australia's largest electricity distribution organizations, to provide a grid topology aware DERMS supporting Energy Queensland's large current and expanding install-base of DERs and DER programs
What Grid Systems Need to Know about Cyber Attacks Press Release
Spiceworks | July 19, 2022
CTO Noam Arbel provides insights to how digital transformation and the threat of cyber attacks impact our grid systems.
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