The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution is well underway. The IIoT market is expected to grow from USD 77 billion in 2020 to USD 110 billion by 2025 (Source: Markets & Markets),  driven by technological advancements in semiconductor and electronic devices, increased use of cloud computing platforms.

Across a wide range of industries, organizations are leveraging IIoT to improve operational efficiency, enable predictive maintenance and reduce risks and costs, while also enabling new growth opportunities.To maximize value from connected IIoT devices, organizations need intelligent tools for collecting and correlating data across multiple disciplines, while integrating seamlessly new sensors and subsystems.

mPrest’s software is used to monitor and manage small and large fleets of vehicles (e.g., location, gas, fuel) across the globe. Monitoring and controlling myriad sensors, the solution displays real-time fleet location and status information (e.g., loading, unloading, leaks, theft). This is one of the world's only IIoT deployments that manages up to 15 million of globally distributed sensors. Leveraging advanced optimization and big data analytics technology, the application enables predictive maintenance, security and safety management of the vehicles and fleets. Coupled with mPrest’s advanced smart grid solutions, it enables to manage Electrical Vehicles (EV) and treat them as a Distributed Energy Resources (DER), thus allowing to reduce fleet operation costs, save energy, and reduce air pollution.
The Oil & Gas value chain is a complex and diverse operation, dealing with a wide range of challenges relating to productivity, safety, security, loss prevention, assets management, preventive maintenance and others. The mPrest monitoring and management System of Systems platform provides solutions to the Digital Oil Field which encompasses the complete Oil & Gas value chain including Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Operations. mPrest applications bring the power of AI and IOT and enable environmental and operations proactive monitoring, control, diagnostics, predictive maintenance and optimization all the way up to providing a holistic visibility and compliance solution across hierarchies, geographies and agencies.
The mPrest system is used to optimize energy costs for water utility service providers. Based on smart network modeling, the mPrest application provides wide scale planning recommendations and policy management for water flow between pumps, wells, pools and reservoirs of the drinking water supply provider, such as to reduce energy consumption and optimally satisfy the demand. The mPrest optimization and planning engines take into consideration constant consumption changes, varying electricity rates and different pump efficiencies in order to provide generic forecasts and work plans as well as facilitate and monitor plan execution.
mPrest developed one of the world's leading smart agriculture applications enabling farmers to maximize crop yields and minimize costs. The application leverages waterproof and underground millions of sensors and gateways, LoRa wireless protocols and Big Data engines to aggregate data across time and geography. The sensor data, including data about plants, soil and weather, combined with advanced analytics, provides real-time recommendations to farmers directly to their smartphone application. This cloud-based system is among the most advanced IoT applications in size, global coverage and cloud computing power. The application utilizes advanced analytics to enable aggregation of data across time and geography and identification of trends and other factors that are crucial to healthy crops and higher yields.
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