mPrest initially earned its credentials in the demanding defense markets. Leveraging a vast experience and proven track record in the development of cutting-edge and sophisticated command-and-control (C2) systems, mPrest is renowned for development of the C2 system for the Iron Dome, one of the world’s most complex and successful air-defense systems. The company also offers advanced and effective ground, air, maritime and simulator solutions. mPrest’s range of C2 and C4I solutions meet the mission-critical needs of defense organizations across the globe.

Highlighted by the world renowned Iron Dome, mPrest’s air-defense solutions collect and analyze the most complex and dynamic scenarios in order to deliver operative actions in real time for addressing immediate threats. Combining active and anti-aircraft defense systems from the launcher to the national level, mPrest’s air defense C2 solutions are suitable for active (i.e. short- and medium-range rockets) and unified C2 battalion levels and above.

mPrest’s ground-defense solutions collect and process large amounts of input data from sensors and other sources to deliver the right information to the right people in real time. Leveraging advanced GIS capabilities and maximum flexibility, mPrest’s ground solutions integrate command-and-control and communication systems used by commanders, special and regular field forces.
Collecting and processing data from diverse sources such as radars, EO sensors, and GPS receivers, mPrest’s maritime-defense solutions deliver information in real time to ensure intelligent decision making. Our solutions use data mining expertise to create a maritime situation picture for managing rapid incident containment and response in order to protect coastal areas and territorial waters.
mPrest’s simulator solutions are used for training purposes in operational stations and facilities. Replicating a system working environment, the simulators include an advanced air-control simulation system based on MMR radar simulation, as well as a scenario editor. mPrest simulators play an integral role in operating field-proven systems.
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