The founder and former commander of the Israeli Navy’s C4I branch, Natan is both a technological visionary and seasoned entrepreneur. He brings to mPrest 35 years of experience in the development and management of complex defense projects involving computing, software, communications and integration expertise. Natan retired as a colonel from the IDF in 2003, and co-founded mPrest. Natan received several prestigious awards, including the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Admiral’s Award for Innovation, the IDF’s Computer Excellence Award, and the 2012 Israel Defense Prize. Natan has an MA in Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology. Natan has published multiple articles on software development and C2 systems, including one on models for C2 system development, for which he was granted the IDF Chief of Staff Award.

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