Providing an End-to-End Approach to DER Integration
Utility DER Integration Programs Need to Align Their Approaches and Technologies to Create an End-to-End Solution - a white paper by Guidehouse Insights
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mPrest provides real-time and mission-critical orchestration and optimization software for the modernization of the energy grid and distributed energy markets. Our unparalleled expertise is built on decades of experience developing some of the world’s most sophisticated and efficient command, control and analytics defense applications ever deployed – including the life-saving Iron Dome software.
The Interconnected Roles of DERMS and ADMS
A deep dive into complementary management systems.
DERMS and Beyond
mPrest HLS
Watch our latest video clip and learn more on our HLS application. Visit our web @
Natan Barak, mPrest CEO at 2017 OurCrowd Summit
mPrest interview at The Tech Talk Show
Our CEO, Natan Barak is interviewing with Jonny Caplan from The Tech Talk Show
mPrest Vector Media Event - Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem
Natan Barak, CEO and Founder of mPrest - May 21, 2017
mPrest Smart City
Creating a smart city is all about connecting the dots in today’s vibrant, fast-changing metropolitan areas, which operate hundreds of operation and security systems. These can include CCTV, alarm, GIS, traffic-light control, municipality operation team and vehicle, power monitoring, electronic signage, emergency team, water monitoring, and public lighting systems.