White Papers
Providing an End-to-End Approach to DER Integration
Utility DER Integration Programs Need to Align Their Approaches and Technologies to Create an End-to-End Solution - a white paper by Guidehouse Insights
The Interconnected Roles of DERMS and ADMS
A deep dive into complementary management systems.
Will DERMS Unleash the Power of Smart Grid?
Learn how the same technology that links our phones to other smart devices is the key to unlocking a more intelligent,efficient, and reliable electrical grid. Power utilities are transforming their centralized power grids to keep up with the shifting energy landscape. To integrate distributed energy resources (DERs), such as grid and small-scale solar arrays, power storage batteries, or wind turbines, utilities are building smart grids that leverage the industrial IoT. This white paper examines how an advanced distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) can help you achieve a truly smart grid. Find out how you can use a DERMS to: Convert ever-growing data generated by the smart grid into meaningful information for operational teams Gain full visibility into grid operations with real-time monitoring of DERs Seamlessly integrate DERs to benefit both consumers and utilities, while complying with environmental regulations
The Secret Formula for a Winning Industrial IoT Project
Learn how your organization can avoid the common pitfalls of industrial IoT deployments Despite major investments in IIoT projects, successful deployments are few and far between. According to recent surveys, only 25% of organizations planning to adopt IIoT have a clear IIoT strategy and 24% among those are happy with IIoT project execution. This white paper examines why IIoT projects – such as smart grid management - have not gained traction as quickly as expected, and highlights the key solution attributes needed to overcome these challenges. Get expert insight into: Current state of industrial IoT projects in the power utility and other markets Business challenges and system constraints hindering successful IIoT deployments Key criteria and attributes for selecting a smart IIoT management solution
Taking the Electrical Grid from Reliable to Resilient
Learn how utilities can use new digital technologies to make the grid more resilient Facing new challenges such as decentralization, sharp demand fluctuations, proliferation of DERs and extreme weather events, utilities seek ways to ensure quick response and recovery from the inevitable and unpredictable disruptions in modern grids. This white paper examines how utilities can leverage the industrial IoT to increase grid efficiency, achieve better situational awareness and prevent outages. Get expert insight into: Why grid reliability is no longer enough to address today's complex challenges How utilities can leverage DERs as grid assets that enable balancing of supply and demand How intelligent management applications can help utilities cost-effectively adapt to a dynamic energy landscape This whitepaper was also published on Electric Light&Power
Market Dynamics in Power Transformer Monitoring Applications
Survey of leading power utilities sheds light on their transformer health monitoring practices and future plans Power utilities are using proactive tools, such as condition-based maintenance (CBM) applications, to improve critical asset health management, avoid catastrophic transformer failure and minimize operational risk. To gain insight into utilities' current transformer monitoring practices, as well as their future plans, mPrest conducted a survey of leading North American generation power utilities. Our findings show that many utilities realize the need for better transformer health monitoring applications, and have started to implement online DGA monitoring and analytics accordingly. Get expert insight into: Current state of utilities' transformer health monitoring activities Key factors driving the shift from offline to real-time online DGA monitoring Migration strategies and budget forecasts for implementing online DGA
Who Moved the Power Utility's Cheese?
Learn how to prepare your company to prosper in a turbulent energy market The energy market is experiencing a seismic shift, driven by decentralization, digitalization, and the constantly increasing use of renewable energy sources. As their revenues continue to drop, incumbent power utilities realize that their traditional business models are less viable going forward. This whitepaper examines some of the new business and operational requirements that utilities should take into account if they wish to thrive in tomorrow's energy market. Get expert insight into: Meeting new challenges related to increased customer choice, volatile shifts in demand and emerging competition across the supply chain How utilities can leverage distributed energy resources (DERs) to optimize grid management and minimize energy costs Examples of innovative business models that can enhance revenues or increase customer loyalty
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