Preparing and responding to major events, such as wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters, is a difficult challenge for power utilities. Prolonged outages cause severe inconveniences to consumers, and in extreme cases can even cost lives. While most consumers understand that outages are inevitable in major event scenarios, they expect a quick response and fast restoration of power during and following such an event.

mPrest’s Major Event Management application allows utilities to improve readiness, optimize real time event management, prioritize resources, and enhance restoration efforts related to major events. Analyzing real-time data from multiple domains such as weather forecasts, field reports/updates from the emergency teams, and assets’ condition, the application predicts damage levels, identifies possible scenarios, and recommends potential predefined SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Using predictive analytics, it builds a de-energizing plan for proactively taking endangered facilities out of service with minimum impact on areas outside the danger path.

Download this application note to understand the benefits of this product:

  • Improved preparedness based on predictive analytics and simulation tools that help utilities plan in advance (e.g., vegetation removal)
  • Powerful incident response tools for defining SOPs, escalation plans, communication systems and automatic emergency actions
  • Unmatched real-time situational awareness and cross-discipline event management helps accelerate recovery times and reduce restoration costs


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