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mPrest provides real-time and mission-critical orchestration and optimization software for the modernization of the energy grid and distributed energy markets. Our unparalleled expertise is built on decades of experience developing some of the world’s most sophisticated and efficient command, control and analytics defense applications ever deployed – including the life-saving Iron Dome software.
Company Brochure
mPrest specializes in smart management, control and big data analytics software for the IIoT and enables organizations to integrate all existing and future platforms, assets and sensors across multiple disciplines into one unified system view.Leveraging our expertise from the world-renowned Iron Dome missile defense system, mPrest's production-proven applications and "System of Systems" are managing millions of assets in highly demanding Industrial IoT environments, such as Internet of Energy, smart and safe cities, connected cars and defense....from saving lives to improving livesDownload our Company Overview brochure to learn more about:mPrest's unique system of systems technology and AI-driven algorithms mPrest's versatile, production-proven products for multiple markets Live system deployments in business-critical environments worldwide
mDERMS Application
Today's energy landscape is changing dramatically, mainly by the ever-increasing adoption of renewable clean energy.For the first time since the invention of electricity, distributed Energy Resources such as solar panels, energy storage devices, electrical vehicles and wind turbines, are changing the traditional grid-operating model.This energy revolution leads to sharp shifts in energy supply and demand, as well as degradation in power quality, which requires assets, such as transformers, transmission and distribution lines to perform at higher stress. At the same time, customers expect better service from their energy suppliers – cleaner and cheaper energy with zero power outages.mPrest's mDERMS application lets distribution power utilities connect, monitor and optimize energy flow across millions of DERs, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. Featuring smart analytics and prediction algorithms, mDERMS enables utilities to better balance between supply and demand and avoid power outages.Download this brochure to understand how utilities benefit from mDERMS:Real time visibility into grid operations Leveraging DERs in order to overcome grid constraints Reduction of power outages and the cost of energy Enable innovative business models such as peer-to-peer trading
Asset Health Management Application
Due to increasing energy consumption, an aging grid infrastructure and the growing use of renewable resources, stress on grid assets…
URD Cable Fleet Maintenance Optimization
Utilities maintain thousands of miles of Underground Residential Distribution (URD) cables, most of which are at least 30 years old. As these cables are sensor-less, utilities typically have limited visibility into their condition. In addition, lack of reliable data that can provide insight into cable survivability makes it difficult to prioritize maintenance/replacement activities, predict impending failures, and take proactive steps to reduce power outages.mPrest's URD Cable Fleet Maintenance Optimization application enables utilities to implement predictive URD cable maintenance planning, resulting in savings of millions of dollars and improving level of service to consumers. The application extracts URD cable segment data from operational systems, then using AI-driven algorithms, discovers key factors affecting the performance and survivability of URD cables. Real-time visualizations and proactive maintenance recommendations enable utilities to optimize maintenance activities.Download this brochure to understand the benefits of this product:Significant savings from day one by converting periodic reactive maintenance procedures into real-time proactive maintenance operations Reduce power outages based on self-learning data analytics model 
Mobile Asset Management Application
Mobile assets play a crucial role during special events, disasters, and other emergencies.Power utilities typically need to simultaneously manage and operate hundreds or thousands of independently operating generators, trucks and assets from multiple vendors.mPrest's comprehensive Mobile Asset Management application delivers centralized monitoring and management of all mobile assets, including transformers, generators, mobile batteries, vehicles and smart meters. It integrates fleet components for better situational awareness, increased reliability and proactive maintenance.Download this brochure to understand the benefits of this product:One central dashboard for unified management of up to thousands of mobile assets from multiple vendors Flexible, vendor-agnostic design for easy integration with diverse systems and sensors Automated fleet management saves costs and reduces breakdowns
mPrest Critical Infrastructure Protection Application
The security sector is characterized by complex and heterogeneous environments, often comprising dozens of diverse systems from multiple vendors.As each security system is managed by a separate command-and-control system, it is difficult to deliver timely, integrated situational awareness and effective incident response.mPrest's Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) product utilizes a holistic "system of systems" approach to deliver the interoperability, scalability and flexibility required to protect critical facilities, including physical security assets, mobile assets, cyber infrastructure and other operational processes.Download this brochure to discover the benefits of CIP:Delivers unmatched real-time situational awareness and automated incident response management Enables users to create new rules and SOPs without vendor involvement Supports seamless integration and connectivity across myriad security platforms and applications
mCity Application
With over half of the world's population now living in urban areas, cities are planning and implementing smart city initiatives to provide residents with an efficient and reliable infrastructure, enhanced quality of life and better economic opportunities.mCity enables communications service providers (CSPs) and system integrators to maximize business value from smart and safe city offerings, and facilitates unified monitoring, analytics and optimization of multiple city domains, with fast time-to-market and lower costs. It can – without being limited to – work as a SaaS application.Download this brochure to understand the benefits of mCity:Connect, integrate and leverage data from myriad sensors and systems Fast deployment with pre-tested, out-of-the-box applications Future-proof, vendor-agnostic architecture maximizes adaptability and user empowerment
Major Event Management Application Note
Preparing and responding to major events, such as wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters, is a difficult challenge for power utilities. Prolonged outages cause severe inconveniences to consumers, and in extreme cases can even cost lives. While most consumers understand that outages are inevitable in major event scenarios, they expect a quick response and fast restoration of power during and following such an event.mPrest's Major Event Management application allows utilities to improve readiness, optimize real time event management, prioritize resources, and enhance restoration efforts related to major events. Analyzing real-time data from multiple domains such as weather forecasts, field reports/updates from the emergency teams, and assets' condition, the application predicts damage levels, identifies possible scenarios, and recommends potential predefined SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Using predictive analytics, it builds a de-energizing plan for proactively taking endangered facilities out of service with minimum impact on areas outside the danger path.Download this application note to understand the benefits of this product:Improved preparedness based on predictive analytics and simulation tools that help utilities plan in advance (e.g., vegetation removal) Powerful incident response tools for defining SOPs, escalation plans, communication systems and automatic emergency actions Unmatched real-time situational awareness and cross-discipline event management helps accelerate recovery times and reduce restoration costs 
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