Case Studies
Energisa finds saving with mTHM: Asset Performance Management (APM) poses a long-standing challenge for power utilities, most of which still operate legacy systems that are difficult to maintain. In many cases, this is due to a lack of effective real-time monitoring and diagnostics solutions that can cover diverse multiple standards and data points to accurately predict the transformers’ future health condition. Consequently, mission critical assets may fail, potentially causing life threatening situations, outages, heavy damages or significant replacement costs.
New York Power Authority (NYPA) Case Study
Predictive maintenance for critical grid assets has become a "must have" capability for power utilities. Due to volatile shifts in energy demand, an aging grid infrastructure and growing use of renewable resources, stress on grid assets is reaching potentially dangerous levels. NYPA, one of the US largest generation power utilities, partnered with mPrest to develop a real time Asset Health Management application to detect abnormal behavior in power transformers, predict potential failures and recommend what steps should be taken to avoid failure. Today this product is in operational use throughout NYPA generation facilities. Download this case study to learn how mPrest has helped NYPA to: Prevent potential asset failures using predictive analytics Optimize fleet maintenance by predicting future health condition Detect abnormalities in transformer behavior regardless of thresholds
Vector Case Study
The growth of DERs, such as solar panels, energy storage devices and wind turbines, is disrupting the traditional grid operating model. As the grid morphs into an increasingly complex bi-directional mesh of interconnected systems, utilities are seeking intelligent management applications to optimize grid operations. Vector, New Zealand's largest distributor of electricity and natural gas, has revolutionized the way it manages operational assets and processes using mPrest's cutting-edge mDERMS application. "Simply put, this mPrest software is revolutionary", Simon Mackenzie, Vector CEO Download this case study to learn how mPrest's intelligent grid management solution has helped Vector to: Optimize situational awareness and prevent power outages Leverage DERs in order to overcome the modern grid constraints Improve operational efficiencies and offer innovative services to customers
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